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I am Dr. Daniel Becker. I have been in practice since 1984. My family doctor was a chiropractic physician and it is because of this, I too became a chiropractic physician. I have extended education specializing in neurology. Specifically focusing on understanding the normal function of the neurological system as it relates to the components involved with how we move and the relationships with the components involved with pain.

My approach to practices is casual and relaxed. I will make recommendations, suggestions and even tell you what you will need to do, but I will leave it up to you to follow through. I understand that many people are fearful that what they are seeking help for may be something which could be very detrimental to their freedom to live life as they wish. Pain, especially pain that has never been experienced before can be scary. I will do my best to alleviate your fears, explain why you are experiencing your pain and any limitations you have and then what you can expect for a recovery from your condition.

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My approach to treatment is to effect the nervous system in a way that will move it toward a better functioning state of being. Taking such an approach promotes overall healing. It helps the healing of the injured tissues such as the tissues that are damaged with a sprain type injury or a pulled muscle.

I monitor your muscle strengths, reflex responses, level of tenderness and your reported response to the care to determine if positive changes are happening. The primary means to effect the nervous system is via the manipulative adjustment to the joints. I will also use massage techniques, resistive muscle techniques, and stretching to effect the pain sensitivity, tissue healing and motor function (the coordination of muscle activity). Everything is hands on.

Now, for a bit about me.

I have been an officer, including the position of president of my state chiropractic society. I have been involved in my local community including serving on the board of a local substance abuse agency.

I am married and have one daughter who currently teaches 8th grade English.

I am a musician. I play guitar in a classic rock band and attend some local jam session. I have expanded this into running sound for the band.

I am a mechanic. I have been into cars since a child. I don't just change oil and do tune ups. I have a fully equipped garage that allows me to do just about anything.

Both being a musician and a mechanic I believe has allowed me to develop a way and style of thinking that benefits my practice and your health.

Thank you for considering me for your health care needs.

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